Why Laser Engraving Allows You To Make Your Merch Better And Quicker

Whether you operate a large company that creates its own customised pens and coffee cups or you are a small fashion or lifestyle brand looking to get your logo out there, laser engraving is the way to go. Unlike many other printing techniques, laser engraving works on nearly any surface, which means that if you have a particularly unique idea, you can make it happen even if it isn't possible with a more traditional route. However, the fact that laser engraving can be done on most materials is not the only reason why it is the best option for your merchandise.


When it comes to creating merch or items with your logo on it, you never know when a trend will arise that you want to capitalise on. For a few months, everyone wanted a fidget spinner, but if you went the traditional route of getting your logo printed, they could have arrived after the craze was over. Laser engraving is very quick, and the companies that operate these machines often exist right in the metropolitan areas they have a storefront in. This means there is no shipping it off to factories, there is no ordering it from overseas and there are no excuses to be late. Laser engraving gets your job done on time every time.


Making your logo and designs look good is essential when you want people to buy or use a product with it prominently displayed. No one wants to wear a blurry pin on their jumper or buy a keyboard with smudged letters. Laser engraving is as precise as the laser itself is, and the laser is far thinner and more agile than any printer. If you want text, a portrait of someone or any other visual that requires a high degree of accuracy, then you simply cannot overlook laser engraving, and if you do, you risk spending hundreds on a failed batch of merch.

Any Shape

Printers have specific guidelines about what can fit inside of them, while laser engraving machines have a much more flexible and open-ended input area. As long as your item can physically fit inside the quite large tray, there are no limitations on what shape can be printed. If you need to engrave a curved surface or tight angles that a printer simply cannot handle, then laser engraving is often your best choice. If you do want a more unusual shape, then skip the trial-and-error phase with your local custom printer and go straight to the experts who can solve your problem. 

To learn more, contact a company that does laser engraving.