Benefits of Commercial 3D Signs for Your Yoga Studio

When you start a small yoga studio, your advertising may be limited. For example, you may go with simple word of mouth or business card advertising. As your business grows, you will need to take on heavier advertising methods. One of those methods is the type of signage you use to stand out from other studios. A way to do that is with commercial 3D signs. Here are some benefits of this type of signage for your yoga studio.

Nighttime Lighting

One of the key issues for many companies is the ability for their sign to be seen at night. You can backlight a sign on your own, but it may not have the right visual that you need. One of the benefits of using a commercial 3D sign for your yoga business is the nighttime lighting. The sign can feature just the yoga logo, a lotus or another familiar symbol of yoga. With night lighting, the image will stand out in the night skyline and be visual regardless of the language a person speaks. Instead of words that can be misunderstood or poor lighting, you will have a visual symbol with full lighting and 3D effect.

Angled Symbols

When you created your yoga studio logo, you may not have considered it being 3D. On a commercial 3D sign, your logo is now seen from various angles. This can be a huge benefit on a large sign where people are driving past, coming around corners or seeing it from various angles. This visual makes it stand out against 2D and flat signs in the area, making your studio stand out and become memorable. In fact, it is the 3D effect that sticks in many people's memories when they drive by looking for your business again from various vantage points.

Showcasing Specific Offers

Your yoga studio may fall in line with other studios in the area. Having a 3D sign does help make it stand out. The key point to make it stand out more is to use the commercial 3D sign to showcase something different you offer. For example, if you offer hot yoga classes, you could use the sign with a flaming logo and different light effects. This gives the look of a flame that other businesses will not have. You can then tell customers to just look for the fire sign for your hot yoga classes. These simple steps can use the 3D sign to your total advantage not just in visual appeal but also in marketing your unique specific offers.

If a commercial 3D sign sounds ideal for your yoga studio advertising, contact your local sign creator. They can work with you on designs, incorporating your logo and other key points of the sign itself. They can also answer questions regarding the types of sign materials and portable options for different events.