Make Your Bar or Restaurant Glow-in-the-Dark With These Fun Neon Signs and Accessories

If you want to create a cool, futuristic look in your bar or restaurant, consider forgoing traditional light fixtures and using neon signs and decorations to create your lighting. Here are several fun ideas to integrate into your space:

1. Neon Glow Lamp Centerpieces

Neon glow lamps consist of a bit of neon mixed with other gasses and housed in a case. These small lamps are often used as indicators on electronic devices -- for example, the little light in the on-off switch on a power strip features a neon glow lamp.

However, you can also get neon glow lamps made into mini decorative lamps. You can choose from shapes such as flowers or false candles. Then you can use these as the centerpieces on the tables in your establishment.

2. Brand and Logo Wall Signs

Use neon to advertise the products your business sells and to promote your brand. For example, you can instal neon signs that promote particular brands of beer, wine, foods or other products. You can also hang neon signs that spell out your business's name or depict your logo. All of these help to create a glow-in-the-dark effect in your establishment.

3. Neon Menu Boards

In addition to promoting products with neon signs, invest in a neon menu board. These boards contain LED lights inside of them, and you write on them with special neon-coloured markers just as if they are dry erase boards.

Then, the writing glows. This allows your patrons to see your specials easily even in a dark environment. It is also a fun alternative to chalk boards or standard white boards.

4. Neon Ceiling Art

Neon lights don't have to be restricted to your walls and tabletops; you can also add neon to your ceiling. Imagine strings of neon tubing arranged on your ceiling in a funky design, zig-zagging across it and casting light onto the people below.

If you opt to do this, you can use different shapes and colours of neon in different ways through different sections of your restaurant to create different vibes. For example, you can use relaxing blue lights over dining areas but use bright reds and shocking purples over your dance floor.

5. Barbers Poles and Other 3D Displays

Finally, complete the lighting in your restaurant with some fun neon three-dimensional objects. For example, add a barber's pole with neon lighting running through it, or commission a neon sign maker to craft another type of neon sculpture for your business.