Selecting the Right Metallic Sign for Your Business

There are numerous types of business signs in the advertising industry, so finding the most suitable fit for your business can be difficult. In general, an ideal commercial sign should be durable, legible, resistant to adverse conditions and attractive to potential customers. This will ensure that it is an effective marketing tool for your business. There are different aspects that you should evaluate when shopping around for the signage. One of the critical ones is the fabrication material because it will determine the durability, cost and performance of the sign. There are different options that are suitable, but you will get the greatest value with resilient metals. Here is a short description of the best metals to consider for business signage.


Aluminium is a popular material choice for both indoor and outdoor business signage. The metal is a low-density element, so the products manufactured using the material are lightweight. This is an advantageous property because you can install the signage on walls or hang it without concern that it will fall. Moreover, the material is resistant to rust and other form of corrosion. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for installation in oceanic environments and other humid areas. Aluminium signs are also ideal for a contemporary look, and you can request for unique finishes such as powder coatings.

Aluminium Composite

If you want an aluminium sign but are concerned about the lightweight nature of the material, you should consider selecting aluminium composite. This type of signage is created using a corrugated polypropylene core that is sandwiched between aluminium faces. The material is sturdier, stronger and more durable compared to regular aluminium metal signs.

Steel Plate

There are numerous advantages of choosing steel plate as a fabrication material. Basically, this is a manufactured material made by forming raw steel into flat but relatively thick pieces. This type of material is sturdy and strong, so it is suitable for your business if the sign will be exposed to mechanical impact hazards. In simple terms, the signage will not experience distortion if it is hit accidentally. You should note that steel plate is susceptible to rust when exposed to moisture. Therefore, select galvanised steel for better longevity.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can also be formed into plates and utilised in creating ideal business signs. This material has a clean and contemporary appearance compared to regular steel. Moreover, this alloy has chromium, which limits the risk of rust, corrosion and general tarnishing. Unfortunately, this is an expensive option, especially for young businesses.