The Different Types Of Business Signs That You Could Invest In

Are you interested in acquiring some business signs, but you aren't sure what type of signs you can choose from? By familiarising yourself with the different type of signs available, you can improve the visibility of your business. You can do this by placing signs on your own commercial property, or hiring out locations where you can do so. Here is a list of sign types that you could invest in for your business:

  • Directional signs: Is your commercial building located in a secluded place that might be rather difficult to find from the local areas that receive high footfalls? Then you could use directional signs to make sure that your potential customers are able to find you without much hassle. Make sure to include your company name, a description of your services and the distance to your commercial building from the sign.
  • Monument signs: For a classy way to greet clients onto your commercial property with a sign that is low profile, why not opt for a monument sign? They can be made from high density foam, wood, concrete or brick.
  • Pylon signs: Do you have commercial property alongside a busy road? Then you could opt for a pylon sign. They are typically big, tall and meant to be noticed from a distance. Such a sign can increase the number of people pulling in off the road to use your services. They are typically used to advertise several businesses from one sign.
  • Pole signs: As the name suggests this type of sign is simply a sign at the top of a pole. The main difference between these and a pylon sign is that they will only have the information of one business listed. Some pole signs allow changeable letters to be used. This is beneficial because you can frequently change offers without having to get a new sign made.
  • Window graphics: If you have windows that are clearly visible from the street then you could incorporate window graphics within them to advertise your services. The benefit of window graphics is that they can grab the attention of the potential client before they even step through the door. This in turn can increase your conversion rates from each potential client.
  • Pavement sign: For a cheap and effective way to draw attention to your business, you could invest in a pavement sign. These will typically be located right outside your front door, and like window graphics can grab the attention of the potential client before they come through the door.

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